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Planning vacations for 2018? Adventure Tours Costa Rica is the best option for your plans

Adventure Tours Costa Rica

Around the world Adventure Tours Costa Rica are renowned for the amazing natural places, beautiful beaches, biodiversity, extreme sports and luxury resorts found on this tropical country. All these particularities provide hundreds of dynamic activities for risky persons, who desire to take a tremendous adventure with all the comfort and pleasure that you deserve.

Planning a Travel to Costa Rica is one of the best options you can take for a real adventure vacations; over the Guanacaste Province located on the North-west region of the country you can find many trips to choose from and make your favorite schedule. Thinking about how to help you on your decision, we have prepared a little list with some of the most amazing activities you can find near the Pacific coasts.Adventure Tours Costa Rica

Enjoy the Monteverde Experience on a Zip line or a hanging bridge

Monteverde is one of the natural monuments where you can take an Adventure Tours Costa Rica and slide over the highest and longest zip line cables to experience the sensation of freedom and speed over the Central America rain forest. Over the Guanacaste Province you’ll find the most amazing zip line cable for crossing over 11 wonderful waterfalls provided by the most experienced personnel.

At Cañon de la Vieja you can schedule for an exciting trip, by arranging the tour you will be on your way at 7:30 am when a group of specialized guides will take you to your adventure by taking an off-road trip of 30 minutes, and then rappelling over the waterfalls with full secure equipment.Adventure Tours Costa Rica

Plan the best Adventure Tours Costa Rica and enjoy Beaches and rainforest over the Pacific shores

The main touristic places to visit on Costa Rica are defined by beautiful natural resources found on the Pacific shores, and the amazing biodiversity remaining over the huge rain forests, volcanoes, and sea. By taking a complete 8 days tour to rain forest and beaches you’ll have the opportunity to meet the real wild nature remaining in Costa Rica.

We recommend the three days tour for rain forest exploration, jungle hikes, horseback rides and climbing. After that enjoy of two complete relax days over the Coast involved by amazing verdant foliage, ending over the Palo Verde National Park.

An adventure must include a Whitewater Rafting Trip

When scheduling your Adventure Tours Costa Rica you must choose the best rafting option and here you will find out, why Costa Rica is one of the favorite places around the world for rafters? And surely you will enjoy over the Tenorio River where you can choose your skill level by taking a beginner route or deciding for a specialist one. There you will find crystal-clear water performing rapids class III and class IV full of waves and holes to explore adrenaline. These are the most visited rapids over the northern region of the country. Take the chance of experiencing the power of mighty rivers in Central America.

Planning an Eco-tourism tour? The Biodiversity, Wildlife and amazing nature overflows here

The best place for biodiversity is located on Guanacaste Province where nature wealth was overflowed in Central America most amazing rainforest reservation. Reaching this region the Arenal Volcano National Park waits for you to enjoy all flora and fauna diversity.

The Arenal Volcano National Park gives you the opportunity to search for elusive wildlife unique on this area like sloths, anteaters and the beautiful Scarlet macaws. You will have the exclusive opportunity to camp on a sandy beach by the jungle, and even walking through the forest.Adventure Tours Costa Rica

This is one of the most exiting adventures you can take for reckoning species and virgin lands, offered thinking on scientist and researchers.

Stand Up Paddle on the Arenal Lake a real adventure

Thinking about quite sports that let you have a real adventure, we invite you to visit Lake Arenal the longest lake over Costa Rica with 85 square kilometers and different depth depending on seasons from 30 to 60 meters.

One of the most attractive activities performed over the lake is the Stand Up Paddle which is practiced over a long board carrying a rowing to impulse across the surface. This activity requires a preparation which is given by an expert on boards and surf before starting the trip.

The entire trip you’ll be guide by professional personnel who will answer all your curiosities and help you in any case. During the tour you’ll be able to see aquatic species, birds corridor, different species of monkeys, and delight delicious oyster just taken from the mangles.

Remember whenever you’ll want to enjoy Adventure Tours Costa Rica, search for our travel agency and schedule your favorite activities. Guanacaste’s Nature Marvels are expecting for you to come and live a different experience. Never forget to use equipment properly as to keep yourself completely safe and always follow the guide instructions.

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