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Necessary implements for an adventure tours Costa Rica in the rainforest

Adventure tour Costa Rica

As we all know, Costa Rica is known as one of the destinations of adventure tours Costa Rica with the most spectacular and lively rainforests of the entire country. The temperature of these rainforest are usually warm due to the presence of volcanoes and at some cases there may be cold winds thanks to the trees and also its location.

Taking into account these variables, we have prepared the necessary implements for you to take any Costa Rica adventure vacations to the rainforest in order to prepare your luggage into a new travesty.

Travel tips for your adventure tour Costa Rica

The rainforest is the considered as one of the best places to visit in Costa Rica due to the wildlife and its natural wonders. But it is important for you to carry on the necessary implements to enjoy the experience in the best way you can.

  1. Correct clothing: in this case, the rainforest requires a less rigorous preparation than Arenal volcano tours, since its temperature allows you to adapt better and even wear more comfortable and fresh clothing that will make you feel fully in touch with nature so the correct clothing you have to wear is light and comfortable, such as lycra pants or fine polar fiber pants also long- sleeved shirts that protect you from the cold and also from mosquito bites or any other insects. It is important that you don’t wear clothes with bright colors in order to avoid calling the attention of any animal in the forest.
  2. Correct handbag: this is as important as your clothes because inside of it you will put all the implements in case of an emergency.

adventure tours Costa Rica

In your handbag, you have to put inside your first aid kit (acetaminophen pills, alcohol, bandits, etc), sweeter, a bottle of water, fruits, fiber cookies, sunglasses, lip balms, an umbrella and also mosquito repellent. In some cases it is optional to wear a raincoat in case of a rainy weather. You should consider not using a heavy handbag cause is not advisable for long zipping through the hanging bridges. Bring candies in case you need.

  1. Take a map and a manual: for these cases you have to take a map with you of a route you will take. Bring a manual or a small notebook with the steps you have to follow in case of drowning.

adventure tours Costa Rica

We hope you liked these necessary implements for an adventure tours Costa Rica in the rainforest. We hope you to follow each one of them and make sure the kind of Costa Rica vacation package you pick in order to take the necessary forecasts.

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