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4 Must-Do Water Adventure Tours Costa Rica

Adventure Tour costa rica

Costa Rica is known for its wonderful natural resources and the amazing activities you can do in contact with them.  There are plenty adventure tours Costa Rica you can do, but there isn’t always enough time for you to do it all. Therefore, it is important that you know which the most popular activities you can do in Costa Rica are and that you cannot miss; anyways, you will surely end up wanting to go back for more.

There are numerous ecosystems in Costa Rica, the jungle meets the sea in many locations and the diversity is amazing, and depending on where you are, you may get to experience different things. By the water or land, there are many fun activities you can do.

Some Water Adventure Tours Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a worldwide know destination for its great conditions for surfing. Whether you are experienced or new to the practice, there are locations for you to enjoy the Costa Rica surf. Having had world championships take place in Costa Rica, there are some specific locations where you can go surfing. If you are traveling to the Caribbean Coast of the country, Puerto Viejo is a good location for surfing in the Limon Province.

Adventure tour costa Rica

On the West Coast however, in the Puntarenas Province, you can go surfing in Playa Hermosa, which has held international competitions or in Jaco which is a beach ton nearby. In the same province but to the south, you can also surf in Playa Pavones or in Matapalo. If you are staying in the northwest, there are also great options in the Guanacaste Province: Playa Tamarindo, Playa Langosta and Playa Negra are great surfing destinations.

Other popular destinations for surfing include Playa Santa Teresa, Mal Pais, Playa Grande, Playa Avellana and Playa Nosara.

Another of the most popular beach tours Costa Rica is scuba diving. Costa Rica has as one of its priorities natural preservation; therefore, marine life is highly taken care of and, in consequence, scuba diving in Costa Rica allows you to experience watching numerous animal species underwater, in an eco friendly way. Sea turtles, dolphins, sting rays, sharks and whales are just some of the species you might spot when scuba diving in Costa Rica.

adventure tours Costa Rica

There are great locations for scuba diving in Costa Rica. Of the many adventure tours Costa Rica, this tour attracts many visitors, and one great location for it is Coco Island is a great destination for surfing and scuba diving in Guanacaste Province; in the same province, Playa Hermosa and Playas del Coco are highly recommended; in the Pacific Coast.

The Caribbean Coast is probably not the best place for scuba diving; however you could do it in the south, in Puerto Viejo.

  • Sea Kayaking

An activity made for everyone; it is fun but not as extreme as river kayaking. This is a quiet activity where you can have fun and delight from different sceneries and watching several animal species. No previous experience is required, and fun is guaranteed.  The best locations for practicing are the islands near Puntarenas city, the waters of the Nicoya Peninsula and those of the Cabo Blanco Natural Reserve.

Another good destination for sea kayaking is also the waters of Manuel Antonio National Park. This is one of the beach tours Costa Rica that can be fun without getting to be extreme; it is perfect for Costa Rica family vacations.

  • Snorkeling

Snorkeling is a great activity, you need no experience or special skills, just being able to swim. You can almost do this anywhere, and the best location will always be those with greatest biodiversity. Regardless, some recommended locations include: Playa Conchal in Guanacaste Province, Isla del Cano near Drake Bay, the waters of Corcovado National Park, and many other locations.

Other Water Activities

Costa Rica adventure tours on the water can take place by the sea or by the rivers. Depending on where you are and how extreme you are feeling, there are activities for everyone. The activities mentioned above are just some of the options you have. You can also do whitewater rafting, kayaking on rivers or go on boat rides in the sea or on a river.

Adventure tour costa rica

This is a perfect place for Costa Rica family vacations, Costa Rica adventure tours are amazing and not only by the water, the options by land are also numerous. If you are looking to spend Costa Rica adventure vacations, you will probably be offered a set of options with activities to do by land or water depending on where you are staying.

Since most popular tourist locations are near the beach, the recommendations is that you tray doing these amazing activities at least one; there are many others you will want to o by land in your Costa Rica adventure vacations. A good thing about this magical place is that whether you are looking for adventure tours Costa Rica or  you want a day for just relaxing, the paradisiacal landscapes and beaches of this country are perfect for all that.

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