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5 main things you have to bring in case of taking a vacation package Costa Rica

vacation package Costa Rica

   We all know the wonders of Costa Rica and its most popular vacation package Costa Rica. When you arrive, you are able to participate in the most exciting experience in Costa Rica all inclusive packages.

         However, most packages include short or long walks through the rainforest and beaches. These packages are called Costa Rica all inclusive packages, in which you must be prepared to enjoy those experiences.

¿You don´t know how to bring in your handbag?

¿Did you know that? More than 25% of the territory of the Central American country is under environmental protection? So that means that travelers will have unique encounters with exotic animals and have more opportunities to see them in their natural habitat. So the rainforest is definitely one of best places to visit in Costa Rica.vacation package Costa Rica

So we bring these 5 main things you have to bring in a hand bag in case of taking a vacation package Costa Rica. Here we will tell what to bring if you take a Costa Rica all inclusive package. Stay with us to prepare your hand bag and travel with us.

¿What should I carry in my handbag in case of a Costa Rica all inclusive package?

  1. Sun block: Due to the presence of solar rays in both places, it is advisable to bring a sun block. This will protect you from the high sun rays on the beach, as well as the small sunspot in the rainforest.

¿Did you know? The Bahia Junquillal wildlife refuge has a wide range of large marine animals, such as the hammerhead shark.

  1. Swimsuit: With your swimsuit ready, you will be able to be prepared for small trips in the most popular rivers and also for the beaches (if you want to get a proper tan).
  2. Lip balm: It is not a secret to everyone that temperature changes can cause your lips to become dehydrated. It is advisable that you bring a moisturizing lip balm in the hand bag to prevent them from peeling.
  3. A bottle of water: As a reinforcement to the lip balm, you should take a bottle of water. This will avoid any case of body decompensation.
  4. A camera, a cap, sunglasses and sandals: This cannot be missing in your handbag:
  5. The camera will serve to capture those incredible moments.
  6. The cap will protect the head from high sun’s rays.
  7. The sun glasses on the other hand will protect your vision.
  8. The sandals that will serve to rest your feet for a long walk through the forest or in the sand.vacation package Costa Rica

¿Did you know that? Costa Rica is known for being one of the best surf destinations in the world. There is a wave for each type of surfer in each of the hundreds of beaches that make up Costa Rica.

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