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Costa Rica Activities

Costa Rica Beach Tours

Costa Rica Beach Tours There are two ways for enjoying the beauty of Costa Rica Ocean, beach towns and surfing locations. One, we offer you a comfortable A/C Vehicle with a driver that will show you these beautiful beaches. Two, we also like to propose the great opportunity to see the wonders of the Ocean…

The Best Costa Rica Adventure Tours you Must Do (by Land)

Costa Rica Adventure Tours

Costa Rica adventure tours are basically the main reason why many people visit this country. The opportunity to have a lot of fun doing extreme activities while being in contact with nature; this, in one of the places with highest biodiversity in the planet, is a great luxury. In this sense, there are many amazing things to do by the water; but here are some recommendations of great adventure tours Costa Rica by land.

The best places to visit in Costa Rica: Museums

The best places to visit in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country with a remarkable cultural diversity. Its provinces are full of history and tradition. In this opportunity, we bring this edition of the best places to visit in Costa Rica related to museums and galleries, in order to open the senders of culture.

4 Features of Arenal Volcano National Park you Need to Know

ivana-cajina-324107-unsplash (2) (Copiar)

Did you know that there are 11 conservation areas in Costa Rica? The Arenal Volcano National Park is located in the Arenal Tilaran Conservation Area. The national park is an amazing place; here, you can admire the rich biodiversity, the magnificent volcano, the wonderful hot springs and the Arenal Lake, among others. This is a place for you to have a great adventure and vacation.

3 common myths about taking an arenal volcano tour

Arenal volcano tour in Costa

Once people get to Costa Rica, the Arenal volcano tour is one of the options they picked. However, there are myths that prevent people from enjoying one of the best places to visit in Costa Rica. Therefore, the number of visitors on adventure tours Costa Rica decreases.

Planning vacations for 2018? Adventure Tours Costa Rica is the best option for your plans

Adventure Tours Costa Rica

Around the world Adventure Tours Costa Rica are renowned for the amazing natural places, beautiful beaches, biodiversity, extreme sports and luxury resorts found on this tropical country. All these particularities provide hundreds of dynamic activities for risky persons, who desire to take a tremendous adventure with all the comfort and pleasure that you deserve.

4 Water Tours you Cannot Miss in your Next Costa Rica Adventure Vacations

Costa Rica Adventure Vacation

Costa Rica Adventure Vacations can be a lot of fun and there are plenty of activities you can do. Regarding water tours, there are four activities that are guaranteed to entertain you and if you like to spend a good time in touch with nature, they are perfect for you. You can go on beach tours, floating on a river, sailing on a catamaran or even rafting on a river; you can have the time of your life.

4 Must-Do Water Adventure Tours Costa Rica

Adventure Tour costa rica

Costa Rica is known for its wonderful natural resources and the amazing activities you can do in contact with them.  There are plenty adventure tours Costa Rica you can do, but there isn’t always enough time for you to do it all. Therefore, it is important that you know which the most popular activities you can do in Costa Rica are and that you cannot miss; anyways, you will surely end up wanting to go back for more.

The best aquatic tours in Costa Rica

tours in Costa Rica

As one of the first tourist destinations, is always offering the best Costa Rica adventure tours and also the best attractions and places to visit. Sitting between two amazing oceans, the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, in which they formed a large amount of marine life, that is one of the great reasons why it has the best aquatic tours in Costa Rica!

The Best Costa Rica Adventure Tours by Land or Water

Costa Rica Adventure Tours

In general, Costa Rica adventure tours are probably the best of the region. This paradisiacal country has so many amazing natural features that whether by land or by the water, you will surely find exciting activities to do. The governmental policies that are aimed at protecting the environment make this a perfect location for tourists, due to its natural beauty and amazing tourist services.