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Traveling in Costa Rica: 5 Experience for the Senses

Traveling in Costa Rica

When you are traveling in Costa Rica you soon realize it is surely a beautiful country, but its beauty is not only visual, as it is as well for the rest of the senses. When you get to Costa Rica you notice that you are arriving in a destination where every aspect has been planned out to serve tourists and help them make the best out of their vacations.

  • Costa Rica’s Food

Not only are there very delicious typical dishes you should try when you go to Costa Rica, but there are excellent restaurants where you can try them.  Staying by the coast will give you an opportunity to try the delicious seafood and, you should also try the typical dishes such as the “gallo pinto”, the “casado” and the “patis” in the Caribbean region.Traveling in Costa Rica

  • Costa Rica’s Smells

Going to a local market where you get to sense the smell of spices and local food, the smell of coffee in plantations that you can visit as well as the natural scent given by flowers and plants in the outdoors will reconnect you with nature and delight your sense of smell when traveling in Costa Rica.

Although you may notice that Mexican, American and British music are herd in some regions, there are also popular Costa Rican musicians that will delight your ears that play sounds of calypso, salsa, meringue, cumbia, and others.

  • The Feels of Costa Rica

Regarding touch, this is a more personal experience. However, know that it is important to learn about the Costa Rica information on the weather, the two seasons and the insects you may find, so that you take good care of your skin when you travel to Costa Rica. The best tours Costa Rica has will blow your mind, so prepare yourself in order to enjoy!

  • The beautiful sights of Costa Rica toursTraveling in Costa Rica

When you travel to Costa Rica the first thing you will notice and not miss will be its fascinating landscapes. If you are a natural lover, find all the Costa Rica information about the many Costa Rica tours to national parks and reserves; the fauna and vegetation will leave you in awe.

Traveling in Costa Rica is definitely a party for the senses. It is common to hear people talk about going sightseeing when on vacations, but in Costa Rica you will be delighted from the moment you take the first look out of the plane window.  The best tours Costa Rica has to offer will take you through a unique experience where you will explore your senses at maximum.

What other feel do you add to this list? Let us know in our comment section!!

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