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Support Local Schoolchildren

Ways you can support our local community!

Sibu Tours would love to invite you to our charity campaign. Our goal It’s not to collect money but supplies for low-income families with children in the rural areas of Guanacaste and South Pacific of Costa Rica.

The campaign purpose is to collect used clothing your children have outgrown and you still have around the house. We are also looking for coloring books, colored pencils, or any books and school material that can be donated.

All the supplies collected will be donated to the school children from the countryside.

In order to collect the clothes and/or supplies, please pack the items in your luggage when travel to Costa Rica so we can deliver them to the children.

Once you transfer from the airport to your lodging we can collect the items from you, or you can wait until we are on one of our fantastic tours. Sibu Tours will make sure to take your donations to those families and children that need it the most.
On behalf of the entire Staff from Sibu Tours. We really would like to thank you for your kindness.

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