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The best aquatic tours in Costa Rica

tours in Costa Rica

As one of the first tourist destinations, is always offering the best Costa Rica adventure tours and also the best attractions and places to visit. Sitting between two amazing oceans, the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, in which they formed a large amount of marine life, that is one of the great reasons why it has the best aquatic tours in Costa Rica!

For a nature lover, the Costa Rica offers a wide variety of activities to do from surfing and scuba to snorkeling. In this opportunity we bring the best aquatic tours in Costa Rica for your holidays, to know about the main activities that visitors do in our beautiful country. Also we are going to talk about the main species that formed the marine life.

Costa Rica Adventure Tours: Top 4 aquatic tours in Costa Rica 

  1. Let’s go to Tenorio River: this tour nature lovers because it has to do with knowing and getting into marine life. Floating for about 2 hours on the Tenorio River you will enjoy a relaxing moment while you are observing so many types of tropical birds, large trees, flowers, and even crocodiles. This tour is positioned in the rate of Class II which means that it won’t be necessary to row, because your tour guide will be in charge of that in the entire trip. Once this finished, you will be able to take a delicious in Costa Rica
  2. Let’s enjoy in Marlin del Rey Catamarans: This tour is about knowing the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica (especially in Guanacaste). This boat sails from the coasts of Playa Grande, Pirates Bay, Playa Conchal and Playa Flamingo. The boat will anchor in a quiet bay where visitors can also enjoy snorkeling, swimming and relaxing. This trip will open your minds in marine fauna because there may be species such as sea turtles, fishes among others.
  3. Rafting Class III-IV: if there is something that characterize the rich coast is the rapids. In Guanacaste, there is a season from May to January that is called Class III to IV due to the rainy season also called green season. The approximate time on the water is about 2 and a half hours, riding big rapids and swimming in river pools. In this kind of tour, you can enjoy of the rainforest and also you can see a lot of in Costa Rica
  4. Beach tours: this tour is definitely a great way to enjoy the Pacific Ocean. Although you can miss a lot of the marine life, you can do horseback riding through the beautiful beaches of Guanacaste and enjoy its paradise. Our goal is to spend most of the day at Tamarindo because it’s a beautiful beach with good waves, good food in restaurants with view to the beach. There are also so many shops in which you can buy clothes and whatever you want.

We hope you enjoyed this information, you can ask for more here, where you can find all related to Costa Rica adventure tours in order to have the best vacation experience you ever have!

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