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The Best Costa Rica Adventure Tours by Land or Water

Costa Rica Adventure Tours

In general, Costa Rica adventure tours are probably the best of the region. This paradisiacal country has so many amazing natural features that whether by land or by the water, you will surely find exciting activities to do. The governmental policies that are aimed at protecting the environment make this a perfect location for tourists, due to its natural beauty and amazing tourist services.

The Best Costa Rica Adventure Tours by land:

Hiking is the best way to get to know a destination. It may not sound as adventurous, but there are very interesting paths that might lead you through amazing forests, passing by mangroves and estuaries, fumaroles and hot springs and you might even visit a volcano, as in the case of those who visit Arenal Volcano  in the National Park with the same name.

Costa Rica Adventure Tours

Río Celeste hiking tour; and yes, you can swim there !!

The best part of hiking tours is that they are usually mixed with other activities; sightseeing I simply a part of the trip but depending on your location, you might mix the trip with horseback riding or aerial tours over the canopy. The most preferred locations are in Arenal Volcano National Park, Monteverde, the Tenorio Volcano area, Río Celeste, Sensoria Tour, Manuel Antonio, Santa Teresa and many others.

Costa Rica is a country with many volcanic formations, many of them are dormant and 6 volcanoes do have volcanic activity and all this results highly attractive for tourists.  For this reason, there are many tours that either take place nearby a volcano, or are mainly directed at visiting the area and enjoy the wonderful hot springs.

There are 3 volcanic ranges in Costa Rica: Guanacaste, the Central Volcanic Range, and the Talamanca Range. Of the volcanoes, probably the most popular is Arenal Volcano in Guanacaste; however, Rincón de la Vieja, Tenorio,  Poas  and Irazu are also very popular among tourists. Fertile slopes make these areas lush and filled with biodiversity, while beautiful blue or boiling acid lakes nearby are also big magnets for tourists’ entertainment.

Not precisely on the land, but over it, there are amazing aerial activities where you can get a new perspective of the location you are visiting. There are aerial trams, in which you ascend to the canopy line sitting comfortably, getting to admire the flora and fauna from a different perspective. Costa Rica Adventure Tours also stand out due to the amazing zip lining tours in which you get to experience the canopy layer from it.Costa Rica Adventure Tours

It is important to remember that some animal and plant species only survive on the top of the trees. For this reason, tours where you get to ride a cable car, do zip lining and and walk over tight ropes and suspension bridges are so popular. The most popular locations to do so are national parks, such as Arenal Volcano National Park, Rincón de la Vieja, Manuel Antonio and others, as well as in beautiful forests in San José and Jacó.

The Best Adventure Tours by the Water:

This is a must do if you are searching for Costa Rica adventure vacations. With rapids of a class that may range from II to V, this fascinating activity will allow you to go from high altitudes to low altitudes and through a big number of different ecosystems in a very short period of time. The descent will pass you by amazing mangroves and secluded areas that will lead you the open sea in no time.

Costa Rica Adventure Tours

Rafting tour group in Tenorio River class III-IV

This experience allows you to cover long distances and delight from the different landscapes and animal species. The most popular locations for rafting are Guanacaste, but you can also try in Puntarenas y San José. Also in Tenorio River you can practice a Floating Safari where you can watch a lot of animal species.

This is a great activity as it results fun but not dangerous. Whether you have experience or not, this is an activity you can do anywhere near the Costa Rica coastlines. As Costa Rica is also blessed with several rivers, estuaries and lakes, this region is perfect for this practice. Among the most popular destinations are Coco´s coastline, the estuaries in Tamarindo and Lake Arenal, among others.

Having 2 coastlines, Costa Rica’s marine life and water activities are a big part of tourism. Furthermore, on the Pacific Coast there is a luxurious Marina with slips and services for those who arrive with their vessels, as well as charters if your intention is to go on boat rides. Hence, there are many boat tours that mix the ride with snorkeling and scuba diving, as delighting from the marine life is usually a part of these tours.Costa Rica Adventure Tours

There are many beach tours Costa Rica also by the water, obviously, but these are the most popular for tourists. However, activities such as surfing or simply swimming are also an option. These are the most recommended activities for amazing Costa Rica adventure vacations. However, it all depends on your likes and interests.

If you are in the area of Arenal Volcano National Park or if you prefer water activities and prefer beach tours Costa Rica, then it is highly recommended that you take a time to do the activities mentioned above. If you are searching for Costa Rica family vacations Costa Rica adventure tours there are many activities you can do and time is never enough.

Tell us what activity you would like to do in your next visit to Costa Rica!? Leave your comment in the section below!!

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