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6 Best Costa Rica Zip Line Destinations

Costa Rica Zip line

Costa Rica is a naturally beautiful country by land, by the sea and also, by the level of the tree tops; reason why Costa Rica zip line is such a big tourist attraction here. This altitude level, besides being characterized as having amazing vegetation, is known for having a different wildlife from that at the ground level. The experience is adventurous, unique and even educational.

These are 6 of the Best Costa Rica Zip Line Destinations

This national park, that is a part of the Arenal Tilaran Conservation Area , contains eight life zones and this diversity leads to many plants species, some of them are: bromeliads, heliconias, ferns, laurel, orchids, and many others that help make up a fascinating landscape in this location. Besides the rich diversity of the vegetation, the wildlife features monkeys, deer, jaguars, toucans, among many others.Costa Rica Zip line

Many zip line tours done here are mixed with other Costa Rica adventure tours, so the Arenal Volcano tour ends up being an amazing experience in which you might start the adventure climbing to the tree tops somehow and end it going down the fast waters of a beautiful river.

This national park counts with an excellent location, since it is in Guanacaste, nearby the international airport in Liberia. Characterized by having geothermal activity, this park has different ecosystems in it and among the featuring species in vegetation are: indio desnudo, laurel, and others. Among the animal species, feature: capuchin monkeys, anteaters, tapirs and hummingbirds, among others.

Costa Rica Zip line

You can enjoy hot springs after all the adventure in the trees. Click on image to view more!

The area has numerous waterfalls and hiking paths, there are many other activities you can also do besides going on zip line adventures, so in general, visiting this amazing national park is a wonderful idea for tourists and all the public.

Located in the Puntarenas Province and near a domestic airstrip, this is a very popular tourist destination. The park has primary and secondary rainforest, beach vegetation and mangroves; making it a beautiful sight to see. The wildlife in this national park features 4 species of monkeys, white-nosed coatis, snakes and others.

The adventure zip-lining in this park includes and descent by canyon passing through a waterfall and over a beautiful river; it is an amazing experience.

  • Jaco

This is an amazing location for Costa Rica Zip Line adventures. This is a beach town located in the Puntarenas Province and it is also nearby the Playa Hermosa Wildlife Refuge and the Carara Biological Reserve. Manuel Antonio National Park is also nearby, as well as the Punta Leona Wildlife Refuge; so the area combines wonderful beach landscapes with amazing land environments with an abundant wildlife.Costa Rica Zip line

Among the animal species of the area feature white-faced monkeys, crocodiles, peccaries and a big variety of birds that make zip lining and other Costa Rica adventure tours an amazing time for animal and nature lovers in general.

This is a beach town located in the Guanacaste Province in the Nicoya Peninsula famous for attracting surfers and for its eco tourism. In this area is the Tamarindo National Wildlife Refuge and nearby is the Marino Las Baulas National Park, the Vida Silvestre Ostional National refuge and Barra Honda National Park. This is a area that also mixes both the best beach and land sights due to such varied ecosystems in one place.

If you go on a zip line adventure in Tamarindo , you might spot monkeys, deer, lizards, armadillos, and many other animal species.

Santa Teresa is a beautiful beach town located in the Puntarenas Province about 93 miles from the country capital San José. This beach town of the Nicoya Peninsula combines the sea atmosphere with that of the jungle and features a rich biodiversity. Among some of the animal species you might spot here are monkeys. The zip line tours take place in Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve.

Costa Rica Zip line

If you are planning fun Costa Rica family vacations adventure tours Costa Rica like zip lining are an excellent idea. These activities combine fun and excitement with the beauty of nature. It is important to remember the tree tops form a different habitat for animals which prefer not to descend to the ground, therefore, the altitude is not the only key and attractive factor of the experience, but the animal species and differences in vegetation as well.

In these Costa Rica family vacations, the members of your travel group will have an amazing time experiencing the natural beauty of this tropical country from a literally higher perspective. These are safe, but exciting adventure tours Costa Rica that can be mixed with other fun activities and take place in magical locations, such as the amazing the Arenal Volcano tour.

Costa Rica zip line is a must do for your next family vacations, you will have an awesome time!

Have you already done zipline? What do you like most? leave your comments below!

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