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4 reason why to go on a Vacation Package Costa Rica!

Vacation Package Costa Rica

When you are thinking about the most amazing travel you can take, you should consider a Vacation Package Costa Rica which guaranties a tremendous adventure list of activities for all kind of likes and desires. The Central American region is full of amazing nature monuments like tropical jungle, rainforest, rivers, lakes, volcanoes, shores, beaches and others marvels.

Costa Rica is full of that natural wealth everywhere and thanks to all those nature resources it is possible to create a complete package of entertainment and relax for the best vacations you’ll ever have. If you are looking for adventures, extreme sports, zip lines, fox jumps, rafting, trekking, horseback riding and much more activities for increase your adrenaline levels.

If your decision turns to a quiet and peaceful place full of natural surroundings, warm pools, spas, volcano mud treatment, and different kinds of exercising like yoga, aromatherapy, massages and much more. Costa Rica is your best option for all the resorts and hotels that are waiting for you to rest and recover.Vacation Package Costa Rica

And if you want to have a luxury and entertained vacation full of parties, boat travels, discos, meetings, shopping, beach parties and many other luxuries the best options are given on Costa Rica entertainment services.

The adventures are the 1st reason why to take a Vacation Package Costa Rica right now

Different options are offered for satisfying your adventure desires and according to that we will give you a little sight to some adventures developed over the country so you can choose the ones you are able to enjoy.

On Buena Vista you can enjoy a full package of adventures for a day, beginning at 7:30am including, ground transportation, canopy, horseback riding, water slides, mud baths, hot springs, and lunch, the program ends at 5:00pm leaving you on your lodging place.

If you want stronger emotions on we invite you to Cañon de la Vieja Adrenaline Center where you will find a variety of extreme sports like canopy, rock climbing, tubing, rafting, trekking, horseback riding and more adventures. Remember to bring hiking and water shoes, shorts and t-shirts, and an extra set of dry clothes.Vacation Package Costa Rica

For the entire botanical world lovers there is a fantastic place where to share with tropical species and enjoy of the nature marvels. Visiting Monteverde Experience you will have the great opportunity to choose between two options. The first one offers a Zip Line composed by 13 cables and a Tarzan jump and a wander over the Birds gardens. The second option leads you to a hanging bridges adventure, butterflies gardens and birds corridors.

The Amazing volcanoes, surprises everyone! Come and discover them

Taking a Vacation Package Costa Rica must include a tour to the volcanoes which keep hidden secrets and marvels for every person. In the surrounding areas of the volcanoes we can find spectacular activities for relaxing and taking a breath from daily occupations. We will invite you to a couple of places where you can develop activities over a volcano area.

One the principal places full of beauty and nature strength is the Arenal Volcano where you can find the Danaus Waterfall Hot Springs and you will enjoy from Eco Farming, Hiking waterfalls, taking a Hot Spring bath an lunch, this travel begins at 6:30am and ends at 8:30pm all day fun.

One other of the most important places for discovering volcano’s secrets is the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano where there is a tour that includes ground transportation, fee to the National Park, waterfall, volcano visit, mud bath, hot springs, lunch and return.

All lovers of rapids will enjoy the whitewaters sports on Costa Rica

Over the Guanacaste Province there are many rivers where to have fun for individual experience and also for families and groups desiring to enjoy adrenaline experiences. There we can suggest you three different place for varied categories depending on the difficulty level and skills you posses.Vacation Package Costa Rica

Floating Tenorio River Class II is the first option for all those who want a whitewaters experience and are just beginners or amateur persons. This is an activity recommended for family and groups. The tour include ground transport, floating over the river, visiting Cortez Waterfall, and a typical lunch. On a second row for those experienced and adrenaline addicted water sports lovers we suggest you to take the White Water Rafting Class IIIIV which contains fifty minutes ground transportation at 7:30am, rafting gears, bilingual guides and a perfect lunch to keep you strong enough.

Whenever taking a Vacation Package Costa Rica remember to contact us and leave all your heavy weight up to our shoulders and prepare for the best experience on tour, vacations or business we will provide you any desire on time and secure!

What activities would you like to do first in these vacation packages? Let us know in our comment section below!

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