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Adventure tours

4 reason why to go on a Vacation Package Costa Rica!

When you are thinking about the most amazing travel you can take, you should consider a Vacation Package Costa Rica which guaranties a tremendous adventure list of activities for all kind of likes and desires. The Central American region is full of amazing nature monuments like tropical jungle, rainforest, rivers, lakes, volcanoes, shores, beaches and…

The Best Costa Rica Adventure Tours by Land or Water

In general, Costa Rica adventure tours are probably the best of the region. This paradisiacal country has so many amazing natural features that whether by land or by the water, you will surely find exciting activities to do. The governmental policies that are aimed at protecting the environment make this a perfect location for tourists,…

6 Best Costa Rica Zip Line Destinations

Costa Rica is a naturally beautiful country by land, by the sea and also, by the level of the tree tops; reason why Costa Rica zip line is such a big tourist attraction here. This altitude level, besides being characterized as having amazing vegetation, is known for having a different wildlife from that at the…

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