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The best places to visit in Costa Rica: Museums

The best places to visit in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country with a remarkable cultural diversity. Its provinces are full of history and tradition. In this opportunity, we bring this edition of the best places to visit in Costa Rica related to museums and galleries, in order to open the senders of culture.

¿Did you know that? The capital of Costa Rica was the third city in the world (after Paris and New York) to be illuminated with electric power.The best places to visit in Costa Rica

The 3 museums in Costa Rica: best places to visit in Costa Rica

  1. Guanacaste Museum: this museum was born with the objective of promoting the participation of communities in the revitalization of the Cultural and Natural Heritage of the province. It also rescued cultural manifestations and objects that contribute to the construction of Guanacaste history. This museum is created by the 32531 decree, as a dependency of the General Directorate of Culture of Guanacaste.
  2. Santa Rosa historical museum: this museum is located in one of the biggest haciendas in Costa Rica, Santa Rosa hacienda. Santa Rosa was one of the largest and oldest haciendas in the country, since 1663 they have data of its existence as a place where agricultural and livestock activities were developed. The original house was modified in 1895, giving the current desing it has nowadays.The best places to visit in Costa Rica

¿Did you know that? The stone corrals located in the Hacienda were built in 1700 in which bullrings are intact, and continuing to the immersion bath, where the tended the cattle.

  1. Ecomuseum of the Mines of Abangares: this museum was founded in 1991 and is located where the gold processing plant existed. The goal was rescuing buildings and machinery that were used in the time of gold fever ethics. The mining operation attracted numerous immigrants from different places. Thanks to the working masses, this museum became in a national treasure.

Although, in the province of Guanacaste there is not a great variety of museums, only a few are enlisted in a good vacation package Costa Rica. What is true is that the few museums are leaders in the dissemination of the regions indigenous culture and customs.

It is important to note that Costa Rica is not only known for its beaches, nature reserves or even for offering the best Costa Rica adventure tours. It is also known for its people, its culture and tradition, reflected in the most important museums and galleries of the country

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