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The best places to visit in Costa Rica: Natural reserves

The best places to visit in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for offering the best places to visit in Costa Rica, more specifically the best national reserves in the world. A great idea for a magnificent Costa Rica all inclusive packages is to choose a beach or a natural reserve and forget about the world. But in this Central American country is difficult.

¿Did you know that? Guanacaste regions name is by the Guanacaste tree. Many of this tree thrives in the regions arid climate. The habitants of small towns in the region, celebrate the Guanacaste for its abundant shade and comfort.

The 3 best natural reserves in Costa Rica

  1. Guanacaste National Park: this park is the national park of Costa Rica. The Guanacaste national park is located in the province of Guanacaste and protects 35.200hectares of tropical dry forests and savannahs, and also shelters a rich fauna. Due to its extension, diversity and location, both on the Athlantic and Paficic slopes, the park has a great biological diversity, which we can consider it as a natural reserve.The best places to visit in Costa Rica
  2. Santa Rosa national park: this park is located in Guanacaste (about a 50 km north of the city of Liberia). It has an area of 116,674 hectares (both land and marine). It is located within the Guanacaste conservation area. This park protects large fragments of tropical forest and also protects and gives shelter to a wide variety of wildlife.The best places to visit in Costa Rica
  3. Barra Honda national park: this park has an extension of 2.295 hectares and is located in Guanacaste (specifically in the Nicoya peninsula, where the province bordered). In this park stands the limestone reefs of the Miocene which rise over the plains of the Tempisque River.The best places to visit in Costa Rica

¿Did you know that? Costa Rica is home to 10.000 amazing species of plants and trees and at least of 850 species of indigenous and migratory birds. This diversity is a treasure for the country.

The rich coast is known for offering the most spectacular natural reserves in the entire country. Most of them are concentrated in the province of Guanacaste with the 50 % of wildlife under national protection. This is considered as a main attraction in Costa Rica adventure tours.

The province of Guanacaste is located on Costa Rica’s northwest area, bordered by many of the main rainforest and natural wonders of the country.

The regions is known for offering the best Costa Rica vacations tours and also for boasting a variety of beautiful natural reserves and also fauna species (many of them in danger of extinction).

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