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The Best Costa Rica Adventure Tours you Must Do (by Land)

Costa Rica Adventure Tours

Costa Rica adventure tours are basically the main reason why many people visit this country. The opportunity to have a lot of fun doing extreme activities while being in contact with nature; this, in one of the places with highest biodiversity in the planet, is a great luxury. In this sense, there are many amazing things to do by the water; but here are some recommendations of great adventure tours Costa Rica by land.

This tour may not take place specifically on land but rather over it; Costa Rica zip line tours are one of the biggest attractions. An adventure made for those seeking excitement and nature lovers in general; you will have a lot of fun in the canopy tours and experience watching Costa Rican landscapes from another perspective. The tree tops have different vegetation and animal life from that of the ground level; it is a totally different habitat for natural life.Costa Rica Adventure Tours

Some of the most recommended locations for doing Costa Rica zip line are the canopy tours in Monteverde; those in Arenal Volcano National Park, those in Manuel Antonio National Park, and others. This is an activity where you feel the extreme adventure but you are totally safe and need no experience. There are also other aerial tram rides that seem less extreme and are perfect for all family members.

This is a very popular activity among the adventure tours Costa Rica; you can do it anywhere, and it is perfect for Costa Rica family vacations. There is a good thing about horseback riding in Costa Rica; it is an activity that allows you to ride through very long distances and get to see different locations and landscapes. Even if you are not in such a good shape, that won’t be a problem.Costa Rica Adventure Tours

Another good thing about these tours is that they are usually mixed with other activities. Therefore, you may start a trip by riding and end up hiking, or visiting a hot spring; you could also ascend to the canopy for zip line adventures or even swim with the horses and cross creeks. Although this is an activity you can basically do anywhere in Costa Rica; recommended locations for the practice: Manuel Antonio, Rincón de la Vieja, Monteverde, and Arenal Volcano National Park.

Costa Rica is a country with volcanic formations; many volcanoes are inactive but the country experienced the last eruption in the early nineties. This natural feature makes Costa Rica an even more diverse place in terms of flora, fauna and landscapes in general. The slopes of the volcanoes have fertile soils that have resulted in rich vegetation with an abundant biodiversity.

These volcanic formations attract tourists not only due to the impressive volcanoes you can see in Costa Rica; but also due to the geothermal activity that allows for tourist activities. You can go on hikes or horseback rides that take you to wonderful hot springs or boiling mud pits; among other amazing attractions of these areas. The best locations where you can go on these tours are Rincon de la Vieja and Arenal Volcano National Parks.Costa Rica Adventure Tours

Costa Rica is considered to be one of the countries with highest biodiversity on the Earth; and it is a national priority to maintain natural preservation. For this reason there are 11 conservation areas to care for natural resources and preserve biodiversity. There are also wildlife refuges and national parks where you can not only witness the natural beauty; but also do tons of fun activities perfect for Costa Rica family vacations and everyone who visits.

National Parks benefit Ticos and visitors, but it is all done in an eco friendly way; and this way, economy is also benefitted. There are many activities offered by Costa Rica travel packages; such as hot springs tours, hikes, horseback rides, bird watching, zip lining tours. Others may actually take place in National Parks of Costa Rica and in some you can even camp; or you have nearby great accommodation options in order to encourage tourist activity.

Are there other Costa Rica Tours?

There are plenty of activities you can do, not only by land but there are great water activities as well. Many of the tours are actually mixed with activities by the sea; there are some that take place in rivers and waterfalls like boat rides and rappel tours respectively. The thing about Costa Rica is that there are different ecosystems; therefore, the beach sometimes meets the jungle creating a wonderful sight.

There are plenty of options for you to have a wonderful time in Costa Rica; but there are also some that you definitely cannot miss. Research about the water activities you can do and plan an amazing vacation with the best Costa Rica adventure tours.

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