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Costa Rica Vacation Tours

The Best Costa Rica Adventure Tours you Must Do (by Land)

Costa Rica Adventure Tours

Costa Rica adventure tours are basically the main reason why many people visit this country. The opportunity to have a lot of fun doing extreme activities while being in contact with nature; this, in one of the places with highest biodiversity in the planet, is a great luxury. In this sense, there are many amazing things to do by the water; but here are some recommendations of great adventure tours Costa Rica by land.

The top 4 Costa Rica Vacations Tours

Costa Rica Vacations Tours

Who doesn’t desire to take Costa Rica Vacations Tours? Maybe those who don’t have any idea of what the inter-tropical zone is. The tropics are situated up and down the equator line. There are two of them (up/down), on the northern hemisphere there is the Cancer tropic; on the southern hemisphere the Capricorn tropic. Over…

Things you have to keep in mind when you take an arenal volcano tour

Arenal volcano tour in Costa

If you are planning to take an Arenal volcano tour you have to keep in mind these recommendations for you to feel comfortable in the Rich Coast. When you came to Costa Rica, specially Guanacaste, you find all these amazing attractions including (volcanos, beaches, natural wonders, rain forest, etc) but the most popular attractive is…

4 Water Tours you Cannot Miss in your Next Costa Rica Adventure Vacations

Costa Rica Adventure Vacation

Costa Rica Adventure Vacations can be a lot of fun and there are plenty of activities you can do. Regarding water tours, there are four activities that are guaranteed to entertain you and if you like to spend a good time in touch with nature, they are perfect for you. You can go on beach tours, floating on a river, sailing on a catamaran or even rafting on a river; you can have the time of your life.

Beaches, Volcanoes and More: Costa Rica Adventure Vacations in Guanacaste

Costa Rica Adventure Vacation

You can spend the time of your life in Costa Rica; now, if you love intense vacations, Costa Rica Adventure Vacations are precisely what you need. You can always go to the beach and relax with the beach tours Costa Rica, as well as enjoy the amazing—and popular—Guanacaste sunsets, but for adrenaline lovers, Costa Rica is also perfect for its adventures, varied landscapes with volcanoes and exciting activities for everyone.

Costa Rica Family Vacations in Christmas

Costa Rica Family Vacations in Christmas

Costa Rica family vacations in Christmas are definitely not a bad idea at all. As in any other time of the year, adventure tours Costa Rica are a lot of fun for everyone; the natural landscapes are in a beautiful stage due to weather changes and it is a good opportunity to change things up a little bit for the holidays. There may be some things to consider about traveling these days, but you will surely have an awesome time.