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3 common myths about taking an arenal volcano tour

Arenal volcano tour in Costa

Once people get to Costa Rica, the Arenal volcano tour is one of the options they picked. However, there are myths that prevent people from enjoying one of the best places to visit in Costa Rica. Therefore, the number of visitors on adventure tours Costa Rica decreases.

¿Did you know? Costa Rica is part of the ring of fire. Nowadays, this country has 5 active volcanoes and only 3 of them are available for visitors.Arenal volcano tour in Costa

3 common myths about taking an Arenal volcano tour in Costa Rica

  1. Hot Springs: In the Arenal volcano tour there are hot springs. Many people believe that hot springs can be dangerous to our skin. Especially when it comes to an active volcano.

The Arenal volcano last activity was in 2008 and since it has not presented any recent volcanic activity. It’s hot springs has the correct temperature for any of the visitors. They are considered as an alternative for relaxation. !This myth is false!

  1. Volcanic sand: Thanks to the presence of sediments and volcanic rocks, landscapes of volcanic sand have been formed. Volcanic sand is considered one of the main elements in neauty and rejuvenation therapies.

However, one of the most common myths is that volcanic sand can cause skin cancer. This is false! As long as exist a previous preparations of its components before any use.

  1. Volcanic activity: Finally, this third myth is common when people try to book an Arenal volcano tour. People usually think that having a walk around a volcano is dangerous because there may exist volcanic and even seismic activity.

The Arenal volcano has presented low volcanic activity so it would be safer for visitors. This volcano can be considered as one of the safest volcanoes in the entire province.

¿Did you know? The Arenal volcano national park has approximately 50 % of the largest humid forest in the country. With a significant wildlife variety.Arenal volcano tour in Costa

Volcanic tours history

These myths can be considered as the most common in volcanic tours. People has to keep in mind that passive volcanoes have become in a patrimony. Volcanoes are part of nature so our main goal is to preserve them.

One of the best places to visit in Costa Rica is the Arenal volcano. This volcano is part of the homonymous national park, which is considered one of the main patrimonies in the province. The most common myths are hot springs, volcanic sand and volcanic activity.

Furthermore, this could represent a problem for those in charge of Arenal volcano national park. As a result, this will decrease visits and the country would lose one of its most valuable tourist elements. The volcanoes have many natural wonders that help to recreate visitors.

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