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The best places to visit in Costa Rica: Beaches

adventure tours Costa Rica

 Costa Rica is a paradisiacal destination, full of color and life. For those lovers of adventure tours Costa Rica, we bring you this edition of the best places to visit in Costa Rica.  ç

 In this opportunity, we will show you the 5 best beaches in Costa Rica to visit or just to book in a beach tours Costa Rica. The rich coast, is known by having 8 of the best beaches of Central America.

The 5 best beaches to visit in Costa Rica

  1. Tamarindo beach: this beach is located in Santa Cruz, Province of Guanacaste. The best time to attend is all the year according to some studies. Playa Tamarindo is known for being the one of the favorite places to surf in the country. It has a great economic development (including surf shops and art galleries).adventure tours Costa Rica
  2. Conchal beach: Conchal is known by the one of the most exotic places to visit in Guanacaste. This beach is also known for its sand, formed by millions of particles of shells and pulverized rocks. This beach has 2 kilometers of extension.
  3. Playa Grande beach: This beach is known for offering 2 kilometers of white sands and constant waves. This beach is one of the best places to visit in Costa Rica for surfers and tourists. Also, it is a natural reserve of great importance for the nesting of Baulas turtles, which arrive in May and October.
  4. Playa Avellana beach: this beach is located in Costa Dorada, Guanacaste. Playa Avellana beach has crystal clear waters of brown color with 2 kilometers of extension and a rocky coast along the extreme south.adventure tours Costa Rica

¿Did you know that? If you are visiting Playa Avellana, you will hear about the legend of the 400 kilos sow called Lola, which some years ago, she was the star of this beach. So you will find her resting or bathing in its waters.

  1. Playa Naranjo beach: this beach is known as the pearl of the Papagayo Gulf. This is a place with scenic beauty, hidden in the Santa Rosa National Park. It has grayish white sands, gentle swells and environment of forests and mangroves.

Only last year some 2.665.000 visitors entered the country, attracted by the beauty and the best places to visit in Costa Rica. Most of the visitors registered at the beaches and nearby places. Not in vain, Guanacaste is an unmissable destination on the map oof tourist who love exotic beaches.adventure tours Costa Rica

¿Did you know that? According to the National Geography Institute, there are more than 200 km of total coastal sands covering the entire province.

You just read: “The best places to visit in Costa Rica: Beaches!!

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