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2 Amazing River Adventure Tours Costa Rica You Cannot Miss

Adventure Tours Costa Rica

There are several adventure tours Costa Rica; whether it is water sports or in-land activities, there are plenty of options for you and your group tour Costa Rica. When it comes to water sports, though, the options can be by the sea or in the wonderful Costa Rica Rivers. Furthermore, if you are going on Costa Rica family vacations, there are adventurous and more laid-back activities.

These are 2 Great River Adventure Tours Costa Rica perfect for Costa Rica Family Vacations:

This is a great activity for family vacations. You can go on a group tour Costa Rica that will take you to float on Tenorio River. This is a class II river; therefore, your guide will be in charge of doing the paddling while you get to enjoy the view. This is a relaxing experience and it is perfect for all the family. After the ride, you can stop to have a swim at paradisiacal Cortez Waterfalls.Adventure Tours Costa Rica

This is one of the Costa Rica adventure tours that can for all likes; you get to relax while you can even see crocodiles.  Adventure Tours Costa Rica like this one will allow you to also go through long distances and witnessing different landscapes.

In Tenorio River, the water can offer class III and even IV rapids during green season. From May to January; heavy showers increase the water level and speed. This may be one of the best Costa Rica adventure tours for all the family; you just need to enjoy a little adrenaline and be over 14 years old. Besides going on this exciting experience you get to relax at the end of the tour.Adventure Tours Costa Rica

Prepare yourself for snacks and delicious food, as well as for swimming in the most amazing river pools. In this tour, you will also get to witness amazing natural landscapes and biodiversity; however, you will surely have your attention placed on the ride.

Are there other water activities you can do?

There is also kayaking and very tranquil boat rides that you can do in the rivers; however, sea activities have a bigger number of options in Adventure Tours Costa Rica. It’s important that you don’t forget your swimming suit, camera and sunscreen, as well as disposition for a good time!

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