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How to hire Airport Transfers Costa Rica for an unforgettable trip

Airport Transfers Costa Rica

Airport Transfers Costa Rica brings you anywhere over the Guanacaste province. Whenever you travel to the northwestern region of Costa Rica take a flight to the LIR. The Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport is located on the Liberia city. This is the capital of the Guanacaste province and also the largest city on the region.

On this city there are many historical buildings you can visit to discover the Guanacaste history. The old quarter and barracks was used to raise the Guanacaste museum; where historical memories are shown and also exhibits Costa Rican art. This museum was opened on the year 2005 as a dependence of the Cultural General Direction of Guanacaste.Airport Transfers Costa Rica

A Vacation Package Costa Rica must contain a visit to the historical patrimony. One of the buildings you must go to is the Sabanero Museum where local cowboys’ memories remain. Another wonderful place to meet is the Ermita de la Agonía; a catholic church built on the Colonial age of Costa Rica.

What to expect from an Airport Transfers Costa Rica

Coming to Guanacaste gives lots of expectance from services, places and people. Taking an Airport Transfers Costa Rica gives you the best opportunity to experience vacations under comfort, security and luxuries. Our fleet of ultimate cars is equipped with reclining seats, air conditioned and a professional driver.

Coming to Guanacaste for an exceptional experience is directly linked to Liberia Airport Transfer. You can contact our services before coming and book it on your scheduled travel itinerary. Even we offer you different types of cars for your comfortability, depending on how many persons travel with you. We can arrange a large van or an executive car to bring you any place.Airport Transfers Costa Rica

Also you can rent a car if you are used to the region roadways and you need some privacy. Executives who come for business use to take a private car for the first and second time, then after they just rent a car and feel the freedom of driving on our highways.

Have you ever consider taking Costa Rica Travel Packages?

If you allow us, we can recommend you to hire Airport Transfers Costa Rica. And the reason why we make this suggestion is because we certainly know you will have the best attention. Our program for driver’s selection is prepared to pick-in the adequate person on the wheel. Most of them are bilingual and certified for tourism services.

Here over the Guanacaste province, there are many places where to spend time and money. Depending on what you desire you can come for adventures, pleasure, renewal, sun tan or all in one trip. Our shores are known as the Golden Coast to the Pacific Ocean where you will find lots of beautiful beaches. The kind of sand varies from dark sands like brown or gray to bright ones like golden or even white.

Having no doubt we are sure that you can have a wonderful time by taking Costa Rica Transportation, all you will need is to relax and enjoy.

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