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3 Attractions in the Guanacaste Province when Traveling in Costa Rica

Traveling in Costa Rica

There are some classic attractions for those traveling in Costa Rica: some are surfing, trekking in the national parks and many other water sports such as snorkeling. However, apart from the most popular attractions, there are some destinations you don’t want to miss when you go to Costa Rica.

There is a difference between going trekking into the woods and getting to a volcano. The thing about Costa Rica is that there are no average rides or adventures.  Some of the rides might lead you to volcanoes and through roads that pass by hot springs! These wonderful passages take you through the rich biodiversity that characterizes the national parks in Costa Rica.

You can go on an unforgettable adventure over the trees of the tropical rainforests of Costa Rica. Depending on the season, the colors will vary and you will be surely able to see much of the very rich Costa Rica wildlife. This is a very original ride and it is a great option for visitors who love nature and seek for adventure tours.

  • Adventures on Wheels Traveling in Costa Rica

It is advisable that you get all the Costa Rica information you can get, but not only in services and traditional tours, but also about all the possibilities you have. You may not have heard about the amazing rides on wheels such as tours of extreme 4×4 driving or ATV adventures. For this reason, remember that the Costa Rica information you should get is not only about basic services.Traveling in Costa Rica

There are so many options when it comes to adventure tours that you really don’t want to miss out on everything you can do. Apart from the traditional activities there are others in which you have the greatest time and, at the same time, be able to appreciate the rich Costa Rica wildlife that attracts so many.

Once you get to Liberia Airport you will be able to start enjoying your vacations, as this is not only an international exchange location, it is a place to start doing tourism in the Guanacaste Province. The fact that the Liberia Airport is an international airport helps the communication services and, therefore, it makes it all easier for tourists from the moment they arrive.

Moments after you have set foot in the Liberia airport, you will find out how much of the country’s activity is devoted to making the tourists’ experience better. Traveling in Costa Rica means no less that an excellent time, make sure to organize the activities you have planned and make the best of this magical adventure!

where would you like to go on your next adventure in Costa Rica?? Tell us in the comment section!

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