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Top 3 Costa Rica Adventure Tours

Costa Rica Adventure Tours

Costa Rica Adventure Tours are full of emotions and exciting activities to enjoy. The warmly people of Guanacaste have prepared fascinating experiences for tourists. This amazing province provides magnificent natural places where adventures are possible. Here you can, have an exciting canyoning on beautiful waterfalls; take a zip line ride over the forest’s canopy; go to a rafting trip over a fast river; or board a paddle on the largest Lake on the country.

To experience the most amazing adventures we invite you to hire the Costa Rica Transportation. Taking this service makes the difference. By this you can be safe and on time for your adventures. Have no stress and let it all in specialized hands on the wheel.

#1 Palo Verde National Park & Wild Life Cruise

For the Adventure Tours Costa Rica this trip is the best experience on the first time visiting the tropics.  On this tour you’ll have the chance to see sugar cane fields, little towns like Canas, Bolson, Humo and more. By taking this tour you will have the opportunity to discover the dry forest and its environment.Costa Rica Adventure Tours

Big reptiles like the crocodile can be seen on the Costa Rica Adventure Tours. These reptiles are found on the Tempisque River and the Bebedero River. Over the Tempisque River you will float observing different species of birds, reptiles and mammals. At the end you will reach the Nicoya gulf where the river find the oceans waters.

#2 Costa Rica Adventure Tours on ATV’s

On the Guanacaste province you will find tons of amazing activities like ATV’s off road trips. This tour gives everyone the most exciting trip on a 4 wheels motorcycle to discover the forests and hidden beaches. To have this opportunity you must contact our crew and have a guided tour to the place you choose.

To reach the heart of the rainy forest you will have to cross rivers, ride up hills and mountains. This is a challenge to you. On this trial you will know what you are able to and overpass your own limits as driver.

#3 Cañon de la Vieja Adrenaline Center

When you think about Costa Rica Adventure Tours, maybe you are thinking about climbing, rafting, zip lining or horse riding. If it is true, then you are right. At this adventures center you will find all these activities and more. This place is waiting for tourists who desire to enjoy a full action day. We are prepared to receive young boys and girls, but older or younger can have an adrenaline shot too.Costa Rica Adventure Tours

We recommend Group Tour Costa Rica to have more fun, because these could be a challenge for all of you. It means that every activity can be a competition for the group members to prove your expertise and team work.

At the end of each tour you will be able to buy some stuff on the way back. Depending on the place you are staying we could stop at Liberia city. And there take a little time to search for the goods or souvenirs you desire.

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