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Liberia Costa Rica: Is It Only a Way Station City?

Liberia Costa Rica

Liberia Costa Rica is a city located about 130 miles from San José, the capital, and about 50 miles from Nicaragua. The city is very popular in this very tourism-oriented country, and this is mainly due to the fact that Liberia is home of the Daniel Oduber International Airport. The city, also located in the Guanacaste Province, is in an area that can be of tourist interest.

When you travel to Costa Rica you want to go to the main destinations that hold the best adventure tours, have the best restaurants, resorts and popular attractions. In this sense, Liberia is not usually the target destination for travelers; however, that does not mean that if you get “stuck” there, you will not have a good time or be able to get a taste of the Costa Rican best attractions.

Why is Liberia Costa Rica Considered a Way Station for Travelers?Liberia Costa Rica

Due to the fact that this city has an international airport many people, who travel to Costa Rica, pass by this city. For this reason, there are great transportation services that you can find in Liberia Costa Rica in order to continue traveling in Costa Rica; however, you can not only find Costa Rica travel tips but you can also find some things to do in this beautiful city.

Going to National Parks in Liberia

As another of the Costa Rica travel tips, it is advisable that if you are in Liberia, you try to visit the National Parks that are in the Guanacaste Province. One of the national parks you could visit while staying in Liberia is one of the oldest in the country, and that is Santa Rosa National Park. The park includes a museum, a great spot for surfing and amazing trails through amazing rain forests.Liberia Costa Rica

Another national park you could visit is Rincón de la Vieja National Park. At about 2 hours from the city, if you are looking for the adventure tours, you can be sure you will have an adventure of a lifetime when you get to witness the majestic volcano to which the trails in the park lead you.

Making the Best of your First Stop in Costa Rica

When you are traveling in Costa Rica, remember, as one of the Costa Rica travel tips, that this country is being so well environmentally taken care of that almost every part of the country has something to offer visitors in terms of biodiversity and natural beauty. Therefore, if you stay in Liberia Costa Rica, don’t miss the chance to visit all it has to offer, as every spot in Costa Rica is simply magical and perfect for tourism.

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