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Costa Rica Best Tours in Two National Parks: Palo Verde and Rincon de la Vieja

Costa Rica Best Tours

Costa Rica best tours definitely take place in the Guanacaste Province, even though the whole country is a magical place to spend your vacations. Tourism has been improving in Costa Rica as it has demonstrated to be an important factor in the economy improvement; for this reason, tourist attractions are enhancing their quality and natural resources are highly valued for their important role.

Costa Rica Best Tours and NatureCosta Rica Best Tours

Costa Rica tours include nature, adventure, culture, and overall, lots of fun. The adventure tours are popular as activities like rafting, surfing and other extreme activities on wheels take place and entertain many. Some less extreme activities are aimed at delighting at the sight of a big variety of animal species and visiting amazing destinations with breathtaking landscapes.

In this sense, as Costa Rica travel tips, there are two national parks worth mentioning in the Guanacaste Province:

Palo Verde National Park

If you are staying at the Guanacaste Province, you must visit Palo Verde National Park. Home of many animal species of which birds are big part of it and also a main attraction, it has an endangered tropical dry rainforest with several topographical zones. This national park is perfect for those interested in the Costa Rica wildlife due to the fact that is also a migratory stop for many bird species.Costa Rica Best Tours

Rincón de la Vieja National Park

This wonderful destination will lead you through trails in landscapes with a big variety of animal and vegetation species. However, this is not unexpected in a national park, but this is no regular national park. Here the trails will show you the meaning of volcanic activity and delight you with hot springs and wonders apart from beauty of the forest.Costa Rica Best Tours

Costa Rica tours are perfect for those who want to feel one with nature and for those more extreme, adventure tours by water or land are amazing, and there are even some that occur over the forests; Costa Rica gives adventure a new meaning. Costa Rica travel tips when it comes to adventure are simply ‘be prepared’, you will be amazed.

All of this is possible due to the gift of nature and, fortunately, there is rising awareness in the subject of preservation. Costa Rica best tours, in consequence, profit from protecting these regions that represent treasures for all humanity. The Costa Rica wildlife is diverse and of big interest for travelers, and hopefully this awareness will also benefit the many species that are also endangered in this magical place.

What do you think of this pair of recommendations? What another national park you think is a must visit when travel Costa Rica? Leave your comment in the section below!

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