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Costa Rica Travel Tips During Green Season

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Costa Rica is a famous tourist destination for travelers all over the world. Its astonishing nature, sights and people make this a perfect site for vacations. However, depending on the season, there are some Costa Rica travel tips that should be taken into account in order to enjoy the experience to the fullest. The weather, the tours you can go on, and wildlife are some of these factors.

The green season, which is the rainy time of the year in Costa Rica, is an important factor to consider. To many, this season may not sound so appealing since the usual visitor looks forward to enjoying the usual tropical weather of the country. However, the showers do not necessarily imply a cold weather, and actually, there are advantages of visiting during this season.

So, what are the main Costa Rica Travel Tips during the Green Season?

If your days off coincide with the green season in Costa Rica, there is no need to be concerned. One of the things you can consider regarding Costa Rica Travel Tips is the fact that the wildlife of the region will be much different in comparison to other times. Going on tours at the beach, at a river or going to a waterfall will probably allow you to see amazing water wildlife.

Are there any pointers to consider regarding water tours in this season?

There is no specific advice to consider, as the difference this time of year is that some activities like rafting will simply require extra courage as there will be more water in the rivers and the experience will be more intense.

Are there suggestions regarding the weather?

Sensoria Waterfall, click on the image to view more.


It is obviously important to go prepared if the chosen time to visit is the green season. Nevertheless, this rainy season does not mean that Costa Rica goes through more than eight months of rain non-stop. It usually rains during the afternoons for a few hours, and the weather still feels very tropical.

For these reasons, it is important to manage some Costa Rica information. Visitors should know how to be prepared to enjoy their vacations without forgetting that coming prepared does not mean to fear the season and abort the mission. One of this important things are related to transportation because since you enter to Liberia airport you need to have well coordinated this aspect to not waste time in your transfers to the hotel or where your lodge is, to the different tourist destinations.

It is therefore crucial to know about some Costa Rica information such as what to wear or what tours to plan, but in no way does it mean that visitors should avoid the season. It all comes down to making the decision to go on this wonderful adventure!

What activities would you like to do in the green season? Leave your comments in the section below!