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5 reasons why to select a Costa Rica Adventure Vacations

Costa Rica Adventure Vacations

For several reasons, Costa Rica Adventure Vacations are considered as real vacations. Some masters extreme-sport players comes every year to the Guanacaste province. And all these travelers coming to the Country has taken it into the first 10 preferred locations for global tourism. On the latest years all the Costa Rican people has made a huge effort to improve the services for tourist.

When it is time to talk about adrenaline the images speak louder than words. Over the region you can find more than 7 National Parks, 5 preservation zones and the hugest lake over the country. Besides there are rainy forests, dry forests, amazing beaches, living volcanoes and more natural attractions where to find Adventures.

The living volcanoes

Coming to Costa Rica invites you to meet the mighty power of the earth. Taking an Arenal Volcano Tour gives you the opportunity to hike to the top of a living volcano. This is a 1670 meters high mountain, it last eruption was on 1968. This eruption lasted for several days and buried 15km square under lava, rocks and ashes.Costa Rica Adventure Vacations

The mighty rivers

For all the rapids fans there are at least two fantastic rivers where to have an adventure. Costa Rica Adventure Vacations is waiting for you to join a rafting tour. Here the Tenorio River offers you a Class III or IV rapid where your adrenaline will pump up your nerves. Also the Pacuare River is an amazing option to take a white water rafting day. These tours are provided by professionals with all equipment and security standards’.

The larger Zip-line cables

The rainy forests grow high and strong thanks to the Costa Rica policies and the people’s effort. If you are looking for an exciting activity; crossing over the rainforest canopy in a matter of few minutes; hang on Zipline and ride, or could we say fly. There are more 16 different Zip line cables around the province and you could be on one or some of them.

The fascinating transport services

Costa Rica Private Transfers are available every day to help you getting to any destiny in the north-western region of Costa Rica. This is one of the most important reasons why Costa Rica Adventure Vacations are so highly valued around the world. Whenever tourists come to the LIR they are waited for the shuttle bus, taxi driver, private transportation or car rental. And from then on they always find the best transportation services, roads and highways.Costa Rica Adventure Vacations

The Real Cowboy Costa Rica Adventure Vacations

Here on Guanacaste the main interest is focus on the tourist satisfaction and the nature preservation. Our first aim is to keep our clients happy, healthy and interested on the marvels we take them to. That is why our services have developed this much. Here there used to be a lot of cattle ranches where cows were growth.

The North-western region is the place for the real cowboys in Costa Rica. The main activity, besides tourism, is the cattle raise on the fields. These cattle are used to local meat supplies and to exportation purposes.

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